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Need Product Sourcing Service From China in 2022 And Beyond?

Our goal is to helps small and medium sized businesses with product sourcing from China. It makes no difference what your business is – Amazon, shopify or face to face. You can be assured our customer service representatives will be at your side during the entire sourcing process including: initial request, samples, process, inspection and shipping to your specified location.

Sourcing Packages and Prices

Free Service

Free Services


For all following services

  • Product sourcing
  • Quotes
  • Cost and production plans
  • Prototype arrangement
  • Consult on documentation for export and import



For five to 10 percent of the order, you receive free service and

  • Production follow up
  • Custom products and packages
  • Private labeling
  • Free photography for e-commerce
  • General quality inspection services



You receive all benefits of the Pro Plan and

  • 1 on 1 inspection services
  • In person factory visits
  • Custom design on packaging
  • Lifestyle photography
Free Services

Free Services - Begin here to learn about our excellent customer-focused offers

Interested in sourcing products from China but are not sure what to do? Looking for competitive prices? Sourcing Nova’s free plan is your personalized solution.

Start with a product inquiry. A sourcing agent will be assigned to you. The agent will help you with the following

Comprehensive product sourcing and cost:

Your agent will perform a comprehensive search across China for the best possible prices for your product design. The agents will also help determine total cost from production to shipping to your destination.

Sample and customization:

Your agent will arrange for a product samples from manufacturers, evaluate the quality and forward all samples to you in a single box. Samples can feature your specific logo and package – just like the ones you would have available to your customers.

Export/import compliance:

Your agent will consult you on all aspects of the export/import process including certifications, compliance and more.

Pro Services - Move here when you are ready to source your high quality, Chinese products


Pro Plan Service Rate

Product Value Service Fee
Less than $1,000
Tips: Sourcing Nova offers customers warehousing services for a nominal fee. This is ideal for waiting on products before sending as a complete order.

Now that you have your samples and are ready to move forward, the Pro Plan will be the next step. Your sourcing agent will take care of you from production to delivery, all at a cost of five to 10 percent of the total order’s cost.

Sourcing and cost:

Sourcing manufacturers takes a few hours at most. Follow-up can take 20 to 60 days. Your agent makes sure the products are being made to your specifications during this time.

Custom packaging and private labeling:

Interested in your own brand? Your sourcing agent will help you every step of the way.

Free photography:

You will receive five white background photographs from professional photographers at no charge. Compare to upwards of $100.00 if you do it yourself.

Arrange shipping:

We will make sure your products make it to your country, Amazon warehouse or private address. We promise a fair quote and will oversee the whole export/import process.

Enterprise Services

Enterprise – Case by case

Most of your needs are met with one of the two services Sourcing Nova offers. However, we offer additional services on a case by case basis.

1 on 1 product inspection:

At the reasonable cost of $5.00/hr, our team will check your products and be sure they meet your standards and specifications. This means your defect rate will be nearly zero percent.

Factory travel:

Your sourcing agent will travel to the manufacturer anywhere in China at the cost of the travel expenses. There is a potential for a substantial discount or even done at no charge under certain terms and conditions. Feel free to inquire.

Please note:

The pandemic means direct, on site visitation is suspended for the foreseeable future.

The Sourcing Nova Sourcing Process

There is a simple five step process.
Product Sourcing

1. Product Sourcing

No charge. There are some sourcing companies that will charge a fee on the outset, regardless of your decision to move forward or not. Sourcing Nova believes initial product sourcing services should be free to you. Your personalized sourcing agent will find the best manufacturer for you and your products.

2. Samples

Ordering samples from various manufacturers can become expensive and quickly. Your Sourcing Nova sourcing agent will find a variety of samples for you, box into a single box and send to you. You pay for the samples and shipping – there are no other charges. If you want a private label product, your samples will arrive just as if they were manufactured for sale.

3. Product Production Follow-Up

This is a very time consuming process, and one that you do not need to concern yourself with doing. Your sourcing agent will coordinate everything for you for a single fee.
Quality Inspection

4. Quality Inspection as part of product sourcing

Sourcing Nova believes in a 3rd party, independent inspection agency. In the case of product defects, your sourcing agent will be meeting with the manufacturer to resolve any issues. We even offer a 1 on 1 product inspection – each individual product inspected for defects

5. Shipping

Air, sea or express shipping options are available. Sourcing Nova’s freight forwarding services will ensure all documentation and products arrive safely in your home country and ready for customs clearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Product sourcing is finding manufacturers to build products for you. However, it is also researching appropriate manufacturers, prices, costs, negotiations and finding the best price for the products you want to sell.

A product agent arranges contracts and sales on behalf of a customer.

A sourcing agent finds manufacturers that make your specific products, works with the manufacturer on samples, communication between you and the manufacturer and oversees the entire manufacturing process.

Anyone who is looking to purchase and resell quality products from China but lacks the ability to travel to China, speak Chinese or has understanding of the Chinese busines model.

A sourcing agent will save you two things that as a business owner, you never have enough of – time and money. Your sourcing agent oversees your product order from the initial order of samples all the way until those products arrive in your specified location for sale. Meanwhile, you can focus on what is important – marketing and development of your business.

Ready to take the next step with one of product sourcing service packages?