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Wholesale Kitchen Knives

Wholesale Kitchen Knives

Find quality knives, with similar quality steel and construction to the finest European brands, for your own private label!
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Our manufacturing partners in China are ready to work with you and your product line.
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Several styles to choose from

Chef’s Paring Boning Utility Scissors
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Why choose Sourcing Nova for your private label knife brand?

1.World class materials and construction

Our manufacturing partner is the same OEM manufacturer for fine European brands like Zwilling and WMF. Everything is the exact same – raw materials to final packaging – along with the high standards you expect. You handle the business and marketing. Leave the product to us.

2.Large-scale, modern production facility

Your knives are made in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with over 1,000 trained employees. This means a relatively short time from your initial order to your delivery the first time, every time.

3.Amazing R&D

The manufacturer has a 42 man, full time, R&D staff. These professionals can help you with the process and stainless steel alloy. Send us the drawing in CAD, AI or PSD. R&D will work with you and your dream design knife.
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Sourcing Nova Kitchen Knife FAQ

1.Why should I choose China for a chef’s knife?

Many people feel that China is known for poor quality products and shoddy workmanship. This is partially true.There are some manufacturers in China that do produce poor quality knives, and many who are not familiar with China and the industry clusters for knife manufacturing often choose these manufacturers. This means cheap products that customers will not want or need.

Sourcing Nova has access to the better manufacturers that many overseas buyers cannot find by virtue of knowing the necessary industry clusters.

Our manufacturers are the exact same manufacturers of many of the European brand knives. The only difference is the name.

2.Why should I choose Sourcing Nova to help me source knives?

We specialize in small businesses and businesses trying to establish themselves in tough markets. We also have connections to the majority of the knife manufacturers in China and routinely work with them for a variety of customers.

3.I have an idea for a knife. Can you help me?

Absolutely. Send us the precise dimensions of your knife. We will work with our manufacturer to make samples for you to review.

If you have an idea but no prototype, contact us all the same. We can help you find some sample knives you can choose from or design your own based on those samples. Either way, we can help you.

4.How can I be sure the knives I order will be of high quality?

Easy. You start with a sample package of knives. Contact us with a design or product you like. We will contact our manufacturer who will in turn make a selection of knives for you. We ship them to you for you to review, make corrections or place an initial order.

Samples are the best way to ensure quality knives. We assure you – the samples you get will be the same as the knives you will source from us and the manufacturer.

5.What do I need to do to get started? I am new at this.

Well, you have already taken the first step by reading this FAQ. All you need to do now is send us an email or fill out the request for additional information. Someone will contact you to start the sourcing process.

Keep in mind, Sourcing Nova has native English speakers and native Chinese speakers on staff if you are concerned about language barriers.
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