Sourcing Nova is committed to finding profitable quality products for global sellers. The product category we are looking for must meet the following characteristics:
1. It is a high-end product in the industry, which can compete positively with international first-line brands
2. They are more capable of bringing consumers a pleasant experience and making them feel better
3. Stable supply

The following is a list of our carefully selected products. We can tell you with confidence that they are all leading companies from China and represent the most high-end production technology in China.

1、Kitchen Knives

Every family needs a set of kitchen knives, and most families tend to use German brand stainless steel knives. Most consumers don’t know that many German brand knives are processed in China. The cooperative factory we chose is the foundry of the first-line German brand, and they have a world-class production line.

On the other hand, the factories we choose are the leading enterprises in the industrial cluster, and they enjoy the government’s policy preference. In certain special periods, the local government will also give priority to ensuring that their production can proceed in an orderly manner. Your supply chain will be very stable.

If you want to provide your customers with kitchen knives of the same quality but at a more competitive price, sourcing nova can provide you with an ideal choice.