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Regain Control of Your Dropshipping Business Today

Your dropship supply chain is on the downslope. High competition within your specific niche means a struggle to build a brand. Your profits are dropping due in part to customer complaints of slow shipping and poor product quality. Take back your supply chain, and win back your customers quickly and easily.



Top Chinese manufacturers do not offer dropship services for overseas customers. Issues with Epacket, slow and lost packages, are out of control. DHL and other couriers are too expensive.


Your products are not competitive enough in your niche. Customer satisfaction is dropping continually and leading to fewer orders. Shipping costs are cutting into your profit margins.


You need the services of a quality dropship sourcing agency. One that can source products from the top manufacturers of your products and help cut DHL shipping costs to protect profits.

Dropshipping Service Package

Free Service

Introductory Seller

Maintain Relationship with Current Dropship Supplier. Make Small Steps in the Right Direction.

  • Dropship fulfillment for your products and customers
  • Generate shipping label (Note: this is not your shipping)
  • Visual package inspection for damage
  • DHL Shipping at discount rate
  • Shenzhen warehousing
  • Private label on packaging and/or product

Developing Seller

Take Control of Your Brand with Better Supply Chain Management from Start to Finish.

  • All services from the introductory tier, adding
  • Product labeling and storage
  • Shenzhen warehousing
  • U.S. warehousing
  • Private label on packaging and/or product

Established Seller

Rise Above Your Competition with World-Class Products from Leading Chinese Manufacturers.

  • All of the services from first two tiers, adding
  • Sourcing from world-class suppliers
  • Professional photography package
  • Third party inspection services
We only offer this dropshipping service to our U.S. customers currently.
Consolidation Services

Consolidation services – Keep with your dropship supplier, save on DHL shipping; begin here.

It is quick and easy to find dropshipping suppliers from Aliexpress and other locations. You may even like their quality and service.

Expecting dropship suppliers to ship to U.S. consumers is both frustrating and expensive.

For example: You fill 20 small product orders a day, shipping from China to the U.S. This is a logistical nightmare for you.

Consider: Combine the 20 small product orders into a single, organized package and ship from China to the U.S. via DHL courier. A team in the U.S. divides the large package into the 20 individual ones and forwards the orders to your customers via DHL.

What is easier? Shipping one large package or 20 small ones? The answer should be clear.

The final shipping cost is almost the same as EMS, but DHL shipping is more reliable with fewer packages lost in transit.

The decision should make perfect sense to you as a dropshipper.

Sourcing Nova can take your business further. Here is how:

1Your e-commerce platform gets the order. Data is synchronized to Sourcing Nova’s fulfillment center via API;
2The system generates a shipping label. Arrange with your supplier for attaching the label and forwarding to the warehouse on the label;
3On receipt of goods from the supplier, Sourcing Nova scans and stores products after inspection for damage;
4Sourcing Nova arranges freight to the U.S. via DHL airmail;
5Our U.S. partners scan the labels on arrival at the warehouse, print DHL slips and forward to the address on the order.

Developing buyer services: Match your selected supplier to fast dropship services with a sourcing agency; Start here.


Sourcing Agency

Your custom, branded products are of top quality. You lack the necessary resources to ship to different customers on a daily basis.

You need a dropshipping fulfillment service.

Sourcing Nova offers dropshipping fulfillment services similar to that of Amazon FBA:

1Give us your product information. Our fulfillment center generates your shipping labels;
2Instruct your supplier to attach labels to the outer packaging, and forward to our warehouse;
3Your customer orders arrive in your online location. We synchronize the data through our fulfillment system via API;
4Your orders are shipped to our U.S. domestic warehouse via DHL;
5Our U.S. warehouse shipping and receiving team scans the label, prints the DHL receipt and forwards the order to your customer’s address.

Established buyer services: Same quality as world-class brands and reliable DHL shipping

Sourcing Nova’s core business is sourcing products from the same foundries as world-class brands. Labelled products arrive in our Bao’an, Shenzhen warehouse, convenient to the Shenzhen airport. You receive:

1The same manufacturers of world-class brands, along with a promise of the same raw materials used in those brands
2Pre-shipment inspections based on your requests along with a complete inspection report;
3Labeling on the outside packaging of products;
4Full inspection of products for any damage on arrival at our warehouse;
5Order shipment via DHL to the U.S. and delivery to the customer address.

Pro Service Plan Rate

Product Value Service Fee
Less than $1,000
Sourcing Nova’s transparent, flat rate service fees are the best in the business. No hidden costs or surprises when you order with Sourcing Nova.

Our Advantage



We feature 6,000 square meters (approximately 65, 000 sq. ft.) of professional warehousing in Shenzen. Our U.S. storage space is 2,000 square meters (approximately 22,000 sq. ft.).


Shopify, Overstock and Wayfair – we have API interface with these and other platforms. There is no manual ordering. This improves order placement, shipping and delivery.
Express delivery

Express delivery

All products are shipped with DHL, a much faster and reliable shipping service than epacket and EMS.
Sea freight options

Sea freight options

We offer sea freight for orders that are not rush priority, typically large furniture items and similar. Sea freight saves considerable amounts on transportation fees.


Sourcing Agent

Why use a dropshipping agent?

Get services from top manufacturers: Top manufacturers do not offer dropship services to overseas customers. Sourcing Nova bridges the gap between these manufacturers and your customers with dropship services.

Shipping assistance: Most dropshippers in China use Epacket, EMS or DHL for direct shipping to end user customers. Epacket has terrible user experience reviews. EMS and DHL direct significantly affect profit margins.


Sourcing Agent

DHL – Why many dropship agencies cannot use it

Most dropship agents in China do not have the ability to optimize the supply chain to the degree Sourcing Nova can. A significant number of packages is expensive to ship directly from China to the U.S, with the fees often higher than the products itself.

Combining many different packages into a single, unified order is a wise shipping decision. Shipping costs for 10 one kg. packages is more expensive than one 10 kg. package.

Best practices is a two stage process: 1. Combine packages into a single package for shipment via DHL to the U.S.; 2. U.S. warehouse teams sorts and sends packages to the end customer.

The process increases the shipping time by one or two days, but the savings on shipping costs is worth the extra time.

This is not a simple process. As a dropship agent, you need a physical warehouse and team on hand in the U.S. You also need a fulfillment system ready. (Note: Any smaller packages as part of the main package cannot be attached to the waybill.)

Sourcing Nova has an established fulfillment system and warehouse in the U.S. We have a unique indentifying system similar to Amazon.

The U.S. warehouse staff scans product labels. We print the DHL slips and ship packages to the end customer via DHL.

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