“Do I need a sourcing agent in China?” I think many people who are planning to buy direct from China have had this confusion, which is completely understandable. After all, you can get suppliers to deliver products to your doorstep with a few mouse clicks on China sourcing websites like Alibaba. You may not think it necessary to hire a sourcing agent when you can find suppliers independently.

In fact, large retailers like Walmart still need to use purchasing agents – even though they have a large purchasing department in China. Because professional buyers know that hiring a buying agent service is not a waste of money, but a great investment.

A professional china sourcing agent can bring a lot of value to buyers, we can help you:
Find the best manufacturer; free you from chores; reduce the chance of making mistakes in the purchasing process; bring you a great competitive advantage.

Let’s dive in.

Help you quickly find the best manufacturer

Finding a manufacturer is easy, finding the right one is hard, and finding a manufacturer you can trust is even harder. China is a very big country and finding a good manufacturer here is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Why look for a good manufacturer? Because a good manufacturer means high-quality products, loyal customers, rave reviews and more orders. If you are unfortunate enough to find a bad manufacturer, then you may face poor quality goods, unhappy customers, bad reviews, returns, a bad reputation, and your business will eventually fail.

Finding a good manufacturer for your business is the most critical step in the purchasing process. If you choose to do this work independently, you may only be able to sift through some limited candidates on sites like Alibaba, many of them can only provide mediocre results.

A sourcing company knows the best suppliers and which ones to stay away from, and they can help you reduce the time it takes to identify a supplier.

Experienced product sourcing companies usually have a large number of trusted manufacturers that they can choose from their database according to customer needs. They have a history and experience of working with reliable manufacturers and have grown and compiled this list of tried and tested manufacturers over the years. Buying agents maintain relationships with quality manufacturers across a wide range of industries to find the best products for buyers’ needs. There are a lot of good factories that don’t register on platforms like alibaba (click here to learn why), sourcing agents will help you find manufacturers that you can’t find in directories like alibaba or global sources. For buyers, this could be a huge competitive advantage.

The best manufacturer has more than 20 years of experience in the trading industry and has been dealing with customers from all over the world for a long time. European and American clients tend to have very high standards. If they’ve catered to this type of clientele in the past, they’re aware of the quality they need to match and can deliver.

Tip: SourcingNova focuses on building relationships with some of the best suppliers and factories. So, you can rest easy knowing that our recommended suppliers are verified and trustworthy.

Use a vast network to your advantage.

Sourcing companies are well versed in China’s supply chain. A good product sourcing company has established itself in the industry. In addition to establishing connections with trustworthy factories, purchasing agents will also actively form a strong network with freight forwarders, customs, third-party inspection companies, and warehousing service companies for you to choose from.

Note: By buying agent service you are essentially paying for our experience and industry connections.

Help you save time dealing with details.

With a sourcing agent, you save time maintaining your business as they take care of the specifics of finding a manufacturer, controlling product quality, and ensuring on-time delivery while you focus on other aspects of your business. Instead of having to do everything yourself, all business processes can be properly streamlined. You just need to make sure that everything runs smoothly so that your customers get the best possible service from your business. You also don’t have to worry about spending more money because the agent will find the manufacturer with the best price so you can stay within your budget.

You can handle other aspects of the business and they will handle most of the workload on the other side of the world. Procurement agent help you minimize red tape so you can streamline your global supply chain. Your work will become very easy.

Helps you submit the correct design files for production

Many novices do not know how much help a standardized product requirements document will bring to their procurement business. They tend to express their needs in piecemeal ways. For example, they may submit some requirements through an online form, then deliver some other requirements by email and whatsapp, and finally supplement other requirements by phone. This creates a lot of headaches for manufacturers and, worse, leaves a lot of room for error.

The product sourcing agency will compile these requirements into a PRD document, which will be communicated to the manufacturer after supplementing some other details appropriately. This ensures we don’t miss some important details.

Visit the manufacturing site instead of you

Purchasing agents can visit the production site instead of buyers to monitor the quality and production progress.

If you have a Chinese sourcing agent, the manufacturer you choose will take the deal more seriously and abide by the contract.

Many manufacturers in China act as middlemen: they take orders from overseas customers and outsource production to smaller manufacturers for greater profit. Third-party manufacturers often have more backward equipment, which will cause hidden dangers to product quality.

A sourcing agent in china can ensure that the manufacturer we select is the actual manufacturer, rather than outsourcing your order to a third-party supplier. Product sourcing companies need to visit manufacturers frequently to report problems to buyers in a timely manner.

Note: It is especially important to choose a purchasing agent near the manufacturer. You should not ask a Yiwu purchasing agent to go to Guangdong to supervise the manufacturer’s production line on site, after all, there is a distance of 1,000 kilometers between Zhejiang and Guangdong.

Get samples from different factories

Since the purchasing agent cooperates with different manufacturers, the procurement agent can collect all these samples for you and send them as one package. If they label the samples correctly, you can choose your favorite factory to buy.

Not only that, but you can also save on air freight when you work with a sourcing agent. Generally, when requesting a product sample, you must bear the shipping cost of the product. Costs will add up when you request samples from different manufacturers, so keep that in mind.

Experienced buyers touch samples in person before placing an order. Order samples first, and when you are satisfied, purchase small quantities to check reproducibility and consistency. Order large quantities if you trust the buying agent and manufacturer after test ordering.

Warning: In B2B business, relying on manufacturer images to judge product quality is unreliable. Very leading manufacturers usually do not prepare clear and detailed product photos. Middlemen (including trading companies and distributors) will instead provide very detailed product photos. This is a fact that many people do not know.

Negotiate effective price

Buying agents have been dealing with manufacturers for years, and they know how manufacturers set prices for their products. By researching supplier perceptions, they can maintain the balance of power between buyers and manufacturers, and you will form strategic partnerships that are beneficial to both parties.

The core idea of bargaining is to work with suppliers to reduce costs by reducing waste, rather than exploiting the manufacturer’s profits.

Integrity is the cornerstone of cooperation, neither buyers nor manufacturers should achieve their goals through deception.

Identify illegal suppliers

With the development of e-commerce, some dishonest things become everywhere. For example, some manufacturers will steal pictures of other companies’ products and claim that they are their own products. In addition, some manufacturers will falsely advertise that they are OEMs of a certain big brand. Other manufacturers even offer fake certificates.

Sourcing agents conduct due diligence on manufacturers to confirm their legitimacy. With a sourcing agent, you greatly reduce the chances of being cheated by your suppliers.

Bridging the culture and communication gap

When it comes to global sourcing, cultural and language barriers are a chasm. We often find that what the buyer says is often inconsistent with what the supplier understands. This is by no means intentional – differences in language and cultural factors are responsible for this. We always assist the buyer to write down everything without leaving any room for assumptions so that your supplier knows exactly what you want and there are no expectations mismatches.

The place where cultural differences have the greatest impact is Chinese New Year. Purchasing agents keep an eye on the production line while the buyer attends to other important matters of the business. We will ask buyers to place additional orders before Chinese New Year to ensure that quality does not drop and that your stock can continue to be supplied during the shutdown.

Reduce payment risk

Imagine paying a large sum of money to a factory in China, only to hear later that it has filed for bankruptcy protection. China has shut down millions of businesses during the pandemic. It is almost impossible for you to get your own money back from a bankrupt Chinese company.

Contracting a sourcing agent can help you alleviate this problem as they can discern the health of the factory through regular visits to the factory.

Other sudden crises will also lead to insufficient supply or stop production. For example, in the sudden Chinese Power Shortage in China in 2021, a large number of small and medium-sized manufacturers are underutilized, and only a few leading manufacturers can get priority in energy supply. It is nearly impossible for Western buyers to know who will be affected by such a crisis, and only sourcing agents familiar with local supply chains can obtain accurate information.

Reduce import risk

China import agent understand the legalities of importing and exporting and make sure your documents, permits and other paperwork are in place. They foresee mistakes that can cause delays.

Under the supervision of experts, you can relax and have peace of mind

Problems inevitably arise during the procurement process, especially when dealing with foreign suppliers.

A good purchasing agent will not only solve impending problems, they will also anticipate potential problems before they arise. Years of experience sourcing products and working with suppliers has given the agency keen insight into the most common obstacles.

Buying agents can provide buyers with a “firewall of safety” where they can oversee the entire production process and ensure that all of your guidelines are being followed. They make sure that the product is made of high quality material and the quantity is correct. Purchasing agent can arrange quality inspection for each order before shipping, and provide you with 100% quality assurance. If something goes wrong, they will also correct it before the goods are shipped. Relying on a purchasing agent can give business owners peace of mind.

Ready to find your sourcing agent?

Hiring a sourcing agent is not a waste of money but a great investment. Working with an agent can improve a large part of your business process, so you should hire someone with experience. If you are looking for agents in Guangdong and Shenzhen to source your products, you should check out sourcing nova. While you focus on your business, we take care of your products.

SourcingNova only cooperates with the most high-end manufacturers in China, we never consider mediocre manufacturers. We also provide other services such as warehousing, quality control, product photography, shipping, pre-shipment inspection and Amazon FBA preparation. Your business will be in safe hands and we will be with you every step of the way. Welcome to our purchasing service.