Sourcing Nova has discussed the different types of French press coffee makers available for purchase.  Now it is time to see how Sourcing Nova can help you wholesale quality French Presses from China.

The customer base

Sourcing Nova wants to dispel a myth before we say anything else – cheap does not mean cheap quality.  We are instead referring to the best possible French presses you can source from China for resale in various locations – grocery stores, specialty shops, Shopify, Amazon and other locations.  Selling products in this way is a great way to make excellent money, have low overhead and continue to work in the face of the COVID-19 virus.

Buying in bulk – Top tips

Be selective in your suppliers

There are hundreds, potentially thousands, of manufacturers in China who can make French presses.  However, only a small number of these manufacturers are able to make the best possible products using the best materials and processes.  The blog Dirty Facts About French Press Manufacturers in China gives details on issues buyers may have when selecting just any manufacturer.

Find a few manufacturers and use those

The Chinese manufacturing industry has become very specialized as it has advanced.  This means a manufacturer of glass French coffee presses may not be as skilled when it comes to stainless steel models.  Each model requires specific materials and machinery to produce the best possible model at the best possible price.

Sourcing Nova’s goal in this situation is to focus on a small number of factories who produce the best possible products – in this case, French presses.  It is best to find those factories who focus on OEM, original equipment manufacturers, brands.  You can expect to spend more, but the chances for issues with importation and resale are minimal because these factories are well versed with oversea market rules and regulations.

One word of warning – Your goal should not be to push prices to the lowest price you can get for manufacturing.  Sourcing Nova recognizes everyone wants to buy the best possible quality products at the most reasonable prices.  Trying to push for low prices too aggressively could potentially drive manufacturers away and to your competition.

The best possible products means it is necessary to pay for them.  High quality French press coffee makers come from three things: skilled labor, excellent materials and recent technology – machines and the like.  These factories recognize their skills and value.  Therefore they have the reasonable expectation of better margins than those who make French presses of a lesser quality.  These factories want to produce the best products for their customers.

Sourcing Nova recognizes that comparisons of products between manufacturers is common.  For example, comparing two products of equal quality is not rude.  It is when buyers try to compare high end products to low end products.  The buyers want to pay the low end price for the high end product.  This is bad business and is offensive to many Chinese manufacturers, who see this as unprofessional and unethical business practice.

Long ago, Chinese manufacturers treated all customers equally well.  Today, this is not the case.  Only those buyers who have proven themselves are given preferential treatment.

The high quality customer

Volume is what separates customers when it comes to ordering products from China.  Those buyers who steadily place large orders regularly are treated appropriately and are provided some negotiation room when it comes to their orders.

Factories and suppliers are much more likely to work with you if you are experienced with the French press coffee maker industry, can tell the difference in quality and, importantly, willing to spend the money to get that quality.  Factories can see growth potential in this and will be more willing to work with you in the case of smaller and less frequent orders.  After all, it is only a matter of time before you are able to increase your volume.

If buyers want the attention of the factory, they should ask the right sort of questions. For example, asking about trading conditions and packaging leads the factory to think that the buyer has plans to order.  Manufacturers are weary of buyers concerned only with prices.

The low quality customer

Chinese manufacturers are not easily fooled when it comes to working with buyers.  They pay attention to details such as order quantity, contract bias that favors the buyer heavily or if you are a newcomer into the industry looking for the lowest price instead of the best quality.  Asking for quotes on French presses many times over and never ordering is another clue.  Buyers who do this are a waste of time, not taken seriously and placed into a low priority category.

Cheap vs. expensive pricing

Sourcing Nova sources products for you from Chinese manufacturers.  It does not matter if it is for French presses or any product.  We have learned what makes a high quality manufacturer –

  • Continuous improvement, appearance, design and service;
  • Time spent displaying their abilities;
  • Commitment to growth and customer base.

These characteristics also will command a higher price, and frankly, they deserve it.

Conversely, there are some manufacturers who have no desire to become better.  Their goal is the absolute basic product they can make to meet basic needs.  Change is difficult and not worth the effort.  They want the simple, undesigned and fundamental – bamboo skewers for barbeque as an example – this is the perfect factory choice in this particular case.

When it comes to finding the best manufacturer for French press coffee makers, Sourcing Nova will look for separate but equal factories.  For glass, we select two, and for stainless steel, we take a good many different ones into consideration.  The reason for more stainless steel manufacturers is simple – stainless steel is easy to produce and more options are available.

Should you be looking to source double-layer stainless steel French presses for wholesale, we will look for the most important element – SUS304 Food grade stainless steel – and find a factory willing to work with smaller buyers.  These factories have artisans in stainless steel, having honed their craft over decades of practice and work.  You can expect them to be both honest and experienced in this case.

Artisans working in these factories are capable and willing to take the extra steps to make the basic French press a bit more ornate and can make some custom items on a small scale.  It is likely these artisans and manufacturers cannot create glass French presses, have their own design team and are unfamiliar with computer graphics and most computer applications.

Depending on your specific needs for a French press, Sourcing Nova will look into a variety of factories who make glass and stainless steel. We then select a larger facility for your specific needs.  These larger factories have professional designers who can take your prototype and craft it into a real product.  You will receive a product that will closely resemble your vision.  Of course, this will be an added expense to what was a basic French press.

French presses from China – Sourcing

This is a valid question and depends on why you are looking for a French press.  If you need one for a gift or personal use, then buying a brand name French press not made in China should be your target.  You should consider brands like: Bodum, Frieling, OXO, SterlingPro or BonJour.  Basically, if this is your purpose, then sourcing French presses from China makes no sense.

If your goal is to buy French press coffee makers for resale or on a large scale, then it makes more sense to source French presses manufactured in China.

What is your specific goal?

  • Are you considering opening a small coffee shop in your hometown?
  • Do you own a hotel or inn, and would like a French press for each room?
  • Is there a large market for restaurant quality French press coffee makers?

If your answer falls into one of these categories, you want to wholesale French presses.  Sourcing with Sourcing Nova and purchasing from China is an excellent solution.

French presses from China

Sourcing Nova can help you find and purchase either stainless steel or glass French presses, but we cannot make recommendations for you on which one to purchase.

It is better to ask those who are wanting a French press.

  • Do they want glass or stainless steel?
  • Is the French press for home or restaurant use?
  • Do they want one suitable for travel and/or camping?
  • Who is your specific target audience?

These questions should drive your sourcing and buying choices for French presses.

Where can I find answers to these questions?

Sourcing Nova has two recommended information channels:

Online shopping giants

Amazon is the go to place to get some of the best answers.  The comments and reviews are ideal to glean information and learn what works and does not work.  Other giants like Walmart and Target are good places as well – provided you can read unedited comments.

Start with the basics of research into your target market.  Your direct competition has a good bit of the information you need.  Create three lists: one for the positives, one for the negatives and one for  recommendations for improvements on the French press.  Now, when you place your first order from a Chinese manufacturer, your order is based on the hard facts of what a customer wants and not what you believe a customer wants.

Sourcing Nova partners with manufacturers and factories experienced in production of the best cheap French presses and can meet your ideal product specifications with ease. Our partners can also make recommendations for improvement in areas of flawed design.


If there is something you enjoy as a hobby or have a vested interest in, there is a website, discussion board or sub Reddit that covers the topic in detail.  French press coffee and coffee makers are no exception.  In these places, you can find opinions, suggestions and even inquire into specific elements of the French press others find important.

Wholesale purchase French presses

Sourcing Nova is your China connection when you are ready to buy French presses in bulk.  You can elect to buy stock or build a brand, and Sourcing Nova can provide you with all of the services you need to be successful and earn profits.

You can buy stock product – orders that come in plain, white boxes with the manufacturer brand logo.

If a private brand is your plan, there are two choices for you:

  • You want your own trademark for your hotel, restaurant or coffee shop.  You want your logo clearly visible to your customer.  You will pay a fee for your own logo, and the manufacturer puts your logo onto your French presses.  There is no need for the packaging to feature your logo.
  • You want your own brand of French press for direct resale.  This will include your designed box and exclusive trademark.  A manufacturer of French presses will have another factory manufacture the boxes with a minimum MOQ of 2,000 pieces.  This means you will be expected to place an MOQ of 2,000 pieces.  Only in cases where the box design is not important can the MOQ drop and then only to 1,000 pieces.

Final thoughts

It is a hope this piece has provided you information for wholesale French press coffee makers, and you are ready to place an order.  When you are ready to import the best French press coffee makers from China, Sourcing Nova is glad to be your trusted sourcing agent.  Please submit your purchase requirements here.