There is no denying 2021 has been a difficult year for those in Europe and the U.S.   The epidemic changed much on how people live, work and shop.   The results could mean a significant impact on importation of trending products from China.

Interested how to find productsto sell on Amazon and make money in 2021 with a successful business?   Sourcing Nova has done a fairly deep market survey on your behalf and compiled the information into this report.

Sourcing Nova has spent time researching and finding some of the more popular trending products to sell available in 2021.

Objective and bias-free views are what we want to share with you, so we have pulled data from Google Trends covering the last five years on these products.  However, Google Trends is only one piece of data and does not provide specific details like search volume and CPC, cost per click, costs.  For that, we have the powerful Ahrefs tool.

Lastly, we certainly have not covered all products that are available.  We have missed a good many, and that is why we ask you for help.  If you have other things to sell online that have high interest and potential for 2021 and beyond or would be interested in learning about other products, there is a section at the end of the piece.  Leave us a comment.  We love hearing from our readers.


Home decoration

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people stay at home, and many people tend to tidy up their rooms and create a comfortable atmosphere. Home decoration products are particularly popular.



The simple doormat often serves a purpose no more than to have people wipe their feet of dirt and grime before entering a home.    Checking Google Trends, the search volume for doormats has remained relatively stable for the last five years.

Doormats Google Trends

This is a very well selling doormat on Amazon, retailing for $22.99.    However, the same doormat of equal quality from a Chinese supplier is around RMB 23 ($3.57).    Doormats are consumable.    Families will replace these with regularity.    The repeat purchase is significant and shows doormats may be an appropriate niche product for sale.

doormats amazon

This is not enough to satisfy the team at Sourcing Nova.    The monthly search volume and bidding cost for doormat images gives us an idea of the approximate cost to have a decent image on Google.

doormats status


Oil diffuser

Some may think diffusers are an ideal product ideas, but the data points to limited profit margins.    Additionally, there is no increase of demand through the pandemic.

oil diffusers trends

The selling price of this hot-selling oil diffuser on Amazon is about $16.00.

oil diffuser amazon

The purchase price of the same oil diffuser in China is about RMB 50 ($7.77)

oil diffuser wholesale

Consider shipping and operating costs.    There is a very slim profit margin with low repeat purchases.    Most families only use one or two at a time and even discard them after a time.


If you are already established in the oil diffuser market and have a significant market share, certainly continue.    If you are looking to break into a market, this is not a worthy product.


Hand held UV sanitizer

The pandemic had, and has, people using more hand sanitizer than ever.    In China, they use an alcohol spray.    Europe and the U.S. use hand held UV sanitizers.


Google Trends data shows that starting from February 2020, the search volume of hand held uv sanitizer has begun to show a clear upward trend.

hand-held uv sanitizer trends

This hot-selling hand-held UV sanitizer on Amazon sells for about $70.00

hand held uv sanitizer amazon

The wholesale price of similar styles of hand-held ultraviolet disinfection lamps in China is about RMB 65($10.10)

hand held uv sanitizer wholesale

Hand held UV sanitizers have a significant profit margin and easy to transport.    The pandemic saw the upswing, and the product search is likely to drop sharply once the pandemic is over fully.    People are also using alcohol based sanitizers as these are much more reliable and effective for virus protection.    There is a strong chance the market for hand held UV sanitizers will drop to unsustainable levels.    Exercise caution if this is something you are considering.

Curtain Rod

Curtain rods are a hot commodity according to some in the industry.    Google Trends does support this claim with strong evidence – the trend is up for 2021.

Curtain Rod Trends

Here is a best seller curtain rod available on Amazon.    Price: $21.99:

curtain rod amazon

The same curtain rod from China is anywhere between 40 – 60 RMB ($6.21 – $9.32)

curtain rod wholesale

While this appears to be a good product, transportation costs and irregular replacement of curtain rods means the profit margin is small and not worth the return on investment.


Sofa Cover

More and more are working, learning and staying home, there is a push to keep the home a bit more tidy and neat.    Looking again at Google Trends, the search volume for sofa covers has risen this past year.

Sofa Cover Trends

This sofa cover is a leader at Amazon.    The cost is $34.50 for a 66 inch cover – a standard sofa length.

sofa cover amazon

An equivalent cover in size and color from China is 75 RMB ($11.65)

sofa cover wholesale

One of the advantages of sofa covers is the easy of folding and storage.    Changing to a different color or shade for seasonal changes is quick, easy and common for consumers.

Sourcing Nova thinks sofa covers are an excellent choice for niche sales in trending products.

Silk pajamas

Since so many are home working because of the pandemic, what can be better than working at home in comfort?  Sourcing Nova discovered the searches for silk pajamas soared.  It makes perfect sense why.


silk pajamas trends

Silk pajamas are typically seasonal.  The largest search volumes are going to be in the holiday shopping seasons.  What is so great about silk, however, is they are great for the summer as well.

The search data clearly demonstrates these as trending products in an impressive fashion.

silk pajamas data

This particular set retails on Amazon for $29.00.  The reviews point to the set is made of artificial mulberry silk and some polyester.

silk pajamas amazon

Chinese silk pajamas run a huge gambit of prices and pricing with the main characteristic being the material used to make the pajamas.  Imitation silk pajamas are around RMB 50($7.77).

silk pajamas wholesale

This is for artificial silk.  Real pajamas made of real mulberry silk can be as high as 335 RMB (52.06).  It is simple to determine if the silk in the material is real or not.  Pure silk comes from the silkworm and is a protein – there are no plant fibers or chemicals in pure silk.  Here is a simple experiment to determine if the silk is real or artifical:

1. Pull a single thread;

2. Burn the thread.

If the thread smells of burning hair and not chemicals and cotton, the silk is 100 percent real.

silk pajamas wholesale-2

Silk is a Chinese invention with a deep and rich history.  The Arabs traveling the appropriately named Silk Road brought silk cloth from China and into the world.  There is no denying silk has attracted people across the world for its feel and luster – what other fabric can make such a boast?


There are few people, ladies in particular, who would turn down a gift of mulberry silk pajamas.  These are light, foldable and can come in a myriad of colors with designs.  The shipping and logistics is low, and many people will own more than a single set.  This makes silk pajamas a steller choice for sourcing from China.

Scented candles

Well beyond just lighting the night, candles, scented ones in particular, have risen in popularity.    The candles serve to soothe and create a romantic ambience.


Google Trends shows steady increase in interest with a surge around the Christmas season.

Scented Candles Trends

The Ahrefs data also shows a significant search volume.

scented candles status

This is a leading seller scented candle at Amazon, retailing for $13.50.    It is made in the U.S. and 12 oz. in size.

scented candles amazon

Here is a close similar product on a Chinese wholesale site for 11.3 RMB ($1.76) and weighs 100 gm. (3.5 oz.)

scented candles wholesale

Considering the search volume and trends, scented candles are a solid choice.    Sourcing Nova has a huge wealth of scented candle information available.    Those interested in scented candles should certainly read the blogs and the research report we compiled for you.


Storage containers

The rise of people staying home has returned many people to food preservation and storage.    This, naturally, means the search for storage containers has grown and grown quickly over the last year.

Storage Containers Trends

Here is a 14 piece set from Amazon and is approximately $40.00.

storage containers amazon

Here is an equivalent set on a Chinese wholesale site for 161 RMB ($25.01).    The profit margin on these is very slim.

storage containers wholesale

Food containers require additional certifications for food safety and will incur greater costs.    These are large products.    Freight cost and logistics are correspondingly higher.

Storage containers is a high niche product and one that should be closely reviewed before making an initial investment.


Gardening supplies

Gardening supplies are continually sought after products in the e-commerce industry.

Gardening Supplies Trends

Social distancing became a standard in the pandemic and may account for the increase in the desire for gardening and vegetable gardens in particular.    The trend peaked in the spring and declined thereafter (likely because the planting season had passed).

Vegetable Garden Trends

Products related to gardening have similar search trends.

Bamboo Stake Trends


The gardening industry is large and have a good number of products.    It is not feasible to list all of them.    Sourcing Nova chose bird feeders as an example.

Bird Feeder

Bird feeder searches peaked in May 2020, and the current search volumes is up over similar of the last few years.

bird feeder trends

The bird feeder is an attractive yard decoration and shows an appreciation for local fauna – something to be pleasured by people of all ages.    2020, when the pandemic was at its zenith, had people enjoying birds in the yard and possibly gave hope to a better tomorrow.


Such a feeder is $13.99 on Amazon.

bird feeder amazon

On a Chinese wholesale site, the price is 12RMB ($1.86)

bird feeder wholesale

This does not give us a marketing cost.    For that, we turn to Ahrefs.

bird feeder data

Google ads is ideal for your traffic, and bird feeders have a CPC of $0.70, acceptable rates.    Bird feeders are large and have large logistical considerations.    Bird feeders are certainly something to consider strongly before investing.


Inflatable pools

The pandemic limited beach activities significantly with fewer people going to the beach.    Some moved to inflatable pools in the yard as a way to beat the heat.    Google Trends searches show a considerable rise.    The pandemic continues to linger, and inflatable pools may continue to be profitable through the summer.

inflatable pools trends

The popular inflatable pools go on Amazon for $90.00


inflatable pools amazon

The wholesale price of similar products in China is about RMB 150 ($23.30), a significant profit margin.

inflatable pools wholesale

These pools are collapsible, low weight and small size.    Transportation costs will be low.

This kind of product can be folded, the weight and volume are very small, so the transportation cost will be relatively low.


Ahrefs has searches coming from the U.S. and a CPC of $0.70, a very small marketing cost.

inflatable pools status

The data does not lie.    Inflatable pools is an exceptional niche product for strong consideration in 2021 and beyond.



The trampoline is a childrens’ standard for outdoor fun and are common in backyards.    There has been stable demand as well.    Park closures in 2020 mean people are looking more to home entertainment for the children who need to be outside, playing and getting exercise.


There is a surge in trampoline searches in the small and medium sizes.

trampolines trends

This hot-selling Trampolines on Amazon retails for about $300.00

trampolines amazon

The wholesale price of similar trampolines from China sell for approximately RMB 800 ($124.27). This is a respectable profit margin.

trampolines wholesale

Looking at the Ahrefs, the search volume is significant, and keyword marketing is $1.50 – very reasonable.

trampolines data

Trampolines are not heavy, easily packaged and transported.    This makes for a low transportation and logistical cost.    Trampolines are also bought throughout the year and have proven to help children cope with the pandemic.


Trampolines are certainly something to keep under consideration for wholesale out of China in 2021.


There is no doubt barbeque is a popular dish across the world.    Google Trends has mid-May as the peak time for barbeque.


Barbeque and cookouts are usually done with a gathering of people.    May 2020 was the peak, and the pandemic following soon after dealt a blow to people and gatherings.    The future of barbeques/grills is still uncertain.

$115.00 will get you this grill from Amazon:

barbecue grill amazon

400RMB($62.13) is the cost of a similar model from China.

barbecue grill wholesale

Sourcing Nova contacted several factories for quotes on grills.    Considering shipping and Amazon fees, the profit margin is small.    Grills are incredibly competitive as well.


However, smaller, more portable grills have better profit margins.

portable barbecue grill amazon

This model on Amazon retails for $22.00 with the same model from China for 42RMB ($6.52).

portable barbecue grill wholesale

Grills are only a part of the barbeque experience.    There are other products to consider: kebab skewers, tongs, spatulas, paper, brushes, charcoal and more.    There is not a huge cost associated with these products, but there are continuous purchases leading to a better profit margin.    The pandemic limited big gatherings, but this has not meant families cannot appreciate the grill in the backyard.


The potential for small grills is high.


Beauty Trending Products

It is natural and basic for a lady to love beauty and to appear attractive.  The more attractive a product can make a lady, the less likely they will balk at a cost.  The pandemic has certainly slowed the beauty products industry somewhat, but the strides towards ending it are fast moving to a solution.  It is a strong feeling the beauty product industry will not only rebound but rebound with a huge leap.


Fake eyelashes

Extended eyelashes provide a sultry and attractive look to a woman of taste and culture.  Many will have more than one set for this specific reason.


The Google Trends chart shares in our observation of a slump.  Interestingly, early February 2021 saw the searches peak – it is a curiousity as to why this is so.

fake eyelashes trends

According to Ahrefs, the monthly search volume for false eyelashes is also significant. The Google advertising CPC price is $0.70, making a reasonable marketing cost.

fake eyelashes data

Amazon sells these hot-selling false eyelashes for $8.88.

fake eyelashes amazon

The price of a product of the same quality on the Chinese wholesale website is about RMB 11.5($1.79). This is a huge profit margin.

fake eyelashes wholesale

False eyelashes are typically a single product purchase.  Build a strong customer base with quality products, and you will get return business.  The weight, shipping and logistics of false eyelashes is minimal. This is one of the best selling items on Amazon for importation and e-commerce from China.


Hair styling tools

Hair styling tools are like the gardening tools we mentioned previously – they are always in demand.  Every so often, a new and hot product will hit e-stores and shelves.  The pandemic has limited interaction but has not affected a lady’s appreciation of proper hair care.  The Google Trends supports this assertion.

hair styling tools trends

According to Ahrefs data, there is a rise of hair styling tool searches during the pandemic.  Possibly because ladies have additional time for hair care while at home?  Speculation abounds.

hot air brush data

Hair styling tools take on many different facets.  Sourcing Nova has just a few to share.


Hot Air Brush

Search volume of this particular product rose during the pandemic.

hot air brush trends

hot air brush data

Here is a better example of a hot air brush available on Amazon at $41.88.

hot air brush amazon

The wholesale purchase price of the same product in China is RMB 35($5.44), a very respectable profit margin.

hot air brush wholesale


3 Barrel curling iron

This professional curling iron uses three different barrels to create stylish waves that last an entire day while only taking minutes to prepare.


Google Trends again shows an upsurge during the pandemic on these specific curling irons.

3 barrel curling iron trends

Ahrefs data shows that its monthly search volume is very impressive, and the cost of Google Ads is also very low (only $0.20).

3 barrel curling iron data

On Amazon, a 3 barrel curling iron retails for $30.00.

3 barrel curling iron amazon

However, if you wholesale 3 barrel curling irons from China, the cost is RMB 43($6.68).

3 barrel curling iron wholesale

The profit margin is clear. 3 barrel curling irons are excellent trending products to sell available from Chinese suppliers.


Hair towel

The Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap is designed with absorbency in mind.  Thus, the towel is ideal for gym, travel, the beach, sports, yoga, camping, family, hotels, pools and your favorite hair salon.


Checking Google Trends, search demand for hair towels rose during the pandemic.

hair towel trends

On Amazon, this particular hair towel retails for $9.96 US dollars.

hair towel amazon

We still have to check our Chinese distributor site.  What does a similar towel retail for?

hair towel wholesale

Four RMB ($0.62) – less than 1/20th of the Amazon cost.  There is a MOQ, minimum order quantity of 5,000 pieces, but considering the cost, there is still plenty of profit margin to be made.


What is the marketing cost of this hair towel? Let’s take a look at Ahrefs’ data.  The Google Ads CPC cost is only $0.90.

hair towel data

The value, low transportation and profit margin makes hair towels highly suitable for sourcing from China this year, even with the MOQ.

Sourcing Nova believe that these towels are highly profitable product ideas you can order from China in 2021.



The wig has had its foothold in both Europe and the U.S. for decades.  Some people make wearing wigs a daily part of their lives.  There has been a decline in wig searches and demand, most likely because of the pandemic and people remaining at home.  The pandemic will pass.  The need for wigs will not.  Patience, as we all know, is a virtue.

wigs trends

There is considerable search volume for wigs, but the product has stiff competition.  The wig industry is highly complex and has lots of inferior makes and models.  Sourcing Nova has a complete wig guide for you.  It is available here.  This is the introduction.  The rest of the articles follow thereafter.

wigs data

Here is an incredibly hot selling wig from Amazon.  It sells for $22.00.

wigs amazon

A similar wig is available from China. The cost is about RMB 45($7.00)

wigs wholesale

The wig industry in China has had many years of technological advancement and development, creating a very competitive industry for the low-end wig industry.  Wigs have a very low profit margin as well.  Sourcing Nova has seen plenty of other wig related blogs mentioning the advantages of entering the wig niche, but we disagree.


Finding and importing quality wigs from a high end manufacturer is absolutely vital to success with wigs.  If you can find the best suppliers, Sourcing Nova can help you, we have the sources.  After all, we have worked with wig suppliers who have served various Hollywood stars and former First Lady of the U.S., Mrs. Michelle Obama.


Hair Clips

At some point, every girl and woman will use a hair clip.  The sheer number of hair clips a girl will use in her lifetime is quite uncountable.  A gift of fine, high end hair clips is certainly to be a gift a young lady will appreciate for a good long time.  Hair clips are an excellent gift option for the girl or lady in your life.


During the epidemic, Sourcing Nova researched hair clips and discovered growth.

hair clips trends

hair clips data

These exquisite hair clips sell for $16.99 on Amazon.

hair clips amazon

The wholesale price of similar style hairpins in China is 1.63 RMB($0.25).  For a four-piece set, the price is about 6.5 RMB($1.01).  This is a very substantial profit margin.

hair clips wholesale

Hair clips do not usually have issues with returns, have low logistics and transportation costs. Sourcing Nova finds hair clips to be quality trending products to sell available from China.


Hair removal

The inevitable hair growth that comes with maturity is something many ladies wish to avoid.  Even during the pandemic, they wanted to stay neat and clean.  The Google Trends research gives support to this as well.

hair removal trends

Amazon’s hot-selling hair removal device reaches the $100.00 mark.

hair removal amazon

If hair removal products from China interest you, the wholesale price of a similar product is about RMB 210($32.66).

hair removal wholesale

Hair removal and hair removal products have excellent profit margins and are highly desired.  Girls and ladies looking to maintain their look and hygiene will pay premium for quality.


Acrylic nails

Acrylic nails, false nails, are highly popular with girls and ladies alike.  Many younger girls love them for dress up and mock tea parties.  Acrylic nails are single use products, but consumables.  The pandemic has not stopped girls from the aforementioned dress up and tea parties.  Beauty has no end or will ever have a slump when it is not popular.  All girls and ladies wish to look their best.

acrylic nails trends

acrylic nails data

Acrylic nails are divided into two categories: colorless and colored.


This clear acrylic nail available on Amazon, 500 pcs, sells for about $8.00.

clear acrylic nails amazon

The same product, if purchased from China, cost about RMB 7.3($1.14).

clear acrylic nails wholesale

Clear acrylic nails are common for professional nail technicians and amateurs alike both in salons and at home.  Build a strong customer base, and there is a high opportunity for repeated buyers.

clear acrylic nails trends

The search demand did not decline or rise significantly during the epidemic, and the market demand is still relatively strong.  A possible reason – free time at home.  Perfect time for play and practice with nails.


In addition to clear acrylic nails, another hot product on Amazon:

matte acrylic nails amazon

These are press on nails with a good color. The price of 192 pcs is 13.68 US dollars.


Purchase similar finished press on nails from China, the price is about RMB 2.6($0.40) for 24 pcs. If you wish to purchase 192 pcs, then the purchase price is about RMB 20.8($3.23).

matte acrylic nails wholesale

It surprising, but the search volume for press on nails has dropped and rapidly during the pandemic.


matte acrylic nails trends

Even with the great profit margin, simple logistics and transportation, acrylic press on nails may not be the ideal product at this time.


Beauty Fridge

This one gallon (4 L) mini beauty refrigerator is super versatile, can be used at home or in a car, can be used for refrigeration or heat preservation. People commonly use these mini fridges to store food, beverages, beer, snacks, breast milk, insulin, skin care products and medicines. Later, ladies discovered that mini fridges can also be used to store moisturizers, masks, essences and creams, and the enthusiasm and desire for these fridges has changed – the desire can be described as rabid.


Google Trends data shows that since June 2019, the popularity of mini beauty refrigerators has been rising, even during the epidemic.

beauty fridge trends

Ahrefs data shows that the demand for mini fridges mainly come from Australia, followed by the U.S. Australia is hot all year round and is a possible reason for the search volume. The wild fires in 2020 dried the air, and this may explain people’s demand for refrigerated skin.

beauty fridge data

The most popular mini beauty refrigerator on Amazon sells for $48.74.

beauty fridge amazon

Sourcing Nova found the same model on the Chinese wholesale website. Its purchase price was about RMB 75.($11.66)

beauty fridge wholesale

To be honest, the profit margins are slim considering the size and transportation.  However, if this is something you are feel strongly about and think you have a market, certainly give mini beauty fridges a chance.


Face steamer

Thermal spray facial steamers combine traditional heating elements with a new type of ultrasonic evaporator.  This generates a nano-vapor with negatively charged ion particles. The combination of nano-steam and ionized water particles can effectively improve moisture penetration into skin.


Judging from the Google Trends data, the search volume for these devices has surged since April 2020. Possibly because during the epidemic, people have spent more time caring for their skin.

face steamer trends

Here is a common facial steamer.  It retails approximately $50.00 on Amazon.

face steamer amazon

If purchased from a Chinese distributor, the wholesale price of facial steamers is RMB 38($5.91). This is a fine profit margin.

face steamer wholesale

The marketing cost of facial steamers is not high. According to Ahrefs data, its Google advertising CPC cost is $0.80.

face steamer data

Imparting more moisture into the skin means lessening the effects of aging and minimizes wrinkles.  Ladies who are dedicated to good skin care do not mind spending their money for quality equipment.  This particular facial steamer is safe, well established in the industry and very few complaints from unhappy customers.  Small and light, the logistics and transportation will be small.  If you are looking for decent product ideas in the beauty and skin care industry, this is a top choice.


Blackhead removal

Acne, pimples and blackheads plague women and men alike.  In fact, popping videos fill YouTube with people having these removed.  The medical care field does not recommend squeezing and popping blackheads by hand because of potential infection.  The better option is a set of gadgets and tools designed to remove blackheads and acne.


From Google Trends, Sourcing Nova found the search volume for blackhead removal tools remained strong during the epidemic.

blackhead removal trends

If Google Trends is not sufficient for you as evidence and data, Sourcing Nova has monthly search volume.

blackhead removal data

The global monthly search volume is quite staggering.


On Amazon, a 5-piece stainless steel blackhead removal kit is priced at approximately $7.60.

blackhead removal amazon

If you want to purchase from China, we found that the cost of an 8-piece stainless steel set is only 9 RMB($1.40)

blackhead removal wholesale

Blackhead removal tools are not a repeated purchase item, but the demand for the tool itself is substantial.  Google ads has a cost of $0.50 CPC – quite reasonable.


These tools make great gifts for the ladies and girls in a life, are inexpensive, practical and highly desirable. Sourcing Nova sees blackhead removal tools as one of the best products to sell to make money on Amazon coming from China.


Dermaplaning tool

Dry and flaking skin affect the appearance of women and is seen as unattractive.  The solution is a tool for exfoliation – a dermaplaning tool.  Women on the go need a slim, portable sized dermaplaner for clearing dry and flaking skin anytime and anywhere.


Google Trends data shows that the demand for dermaplaning tools has surged during the epidemic.

dermaplaning tool trends

Here is a look at the monthly search volume of dermaplaning tools.

dermaplaning tool data

Amazon’s best-selling dermaplaner sells for about $5.00.

dermaplaning tool amazon

This tool is specially designed to not only exfoliate but also trim eyebrows – a two for one product.


The wholesale price of a 3-piece set with similar functions from China is about RMB 0.7($0.11).  This is a huge profit margin.

dermaplaning tool wholesale

Considering that this type of tool is a consumable item, ladies and girls alike will repeat the purchase after the blade dulls. Sourcing Nova finds these to be products worthy of wholesale from China in 2021.


Face mask brush

Silicone facial mask brushes are mainly used to evenly apply thin layers of skin care products, such as facial masks and essences. These brushes are soft and hygienic and suitable for sensitive skin. The brushes can be washed with water and used repeatedly.


Sourcing Nova found that the demand for facial mask brushes in 2020 has increased compared with previous years, and searches reached their highest peak in history in May.

face mask brush trends

We found a 2-piece silicone facial mask brush set on Amazon costs about $4.00.

face mask brush amazon

If purchased in China, the same quality silicone facial mask brush is priced at 1.3RMB ($0.20) If we also make a 2-piece set, the cost will be 2.6 RMB($0.40).  This is a very nice profit margin.

face mask brush wholesale

Let’s look at the marketing cost of these products again. Google advertising costs are 0.7 RMB ($0.11) per click. For a product of inexpensive price, the marketing costs are a bit expensive.

face mask brush data

Although the individual profit ratio of the silicone facial mask brush is relatively high, it is durable and is not a product that people will buy repeatedly. Considering its high marketing costs, Sourcing Nova believes that you should consider carefully before moving into this niche business.


Jade roller

The jade roller was originally a traditional tool used by ancient Chinese to improve facial blood circulation and relax muscles. Jade rollers have a long and rich history. Since 2018, these rollers have become popular in the Western world.

jade roller trends

This jade double-headed roller + heart-shaped scraper set on Amazon is priced at $21.95.

jade roller amazon

The wholesale price of this same product in China is about 48 RMB($7.46) (30 RMB ($4.76) for the roller, 13 RMB ($2.02) for the scraper and 5 RMB ($0.78) for the box) – $15.02 total.

jade roller wholesale

This model is made of natural jade, and the cost of stone of different colors is also different. Dark green is much cheaper than pink jade.

jade roller green wholesale

jade roller materials

Sourcing Nova is of the opinion women tend to prefer pink jade. Men lean more to dark green to as it is less expensive.  The colors you choose depends mainly on your market segment.


What can we see in the monthly search volume and advertising cost of jade roller? Let’s look at the data:

jade roller data

The global monthly search volume is as high as 103,000, and the marketing cost is relatively low (Google ads as low as $0.25). Sourcing Nova believes that this is a product worthy of wholesale from China in 2021. If managed properly, jade rollers should be top trending products for e-commerce sellers on Amazon and other sites.


Derma roller

The derma roller uses the small needles on the roller to penetrate the stratum corneum, one of the upper skin layers.  Once opened, the active ingredients or nutrients of skin care directly reach the subcutaneous tissues.  This increases the efficacy of skin care products and beauty effects.  A derma roller is a common tool both at home and in professional settings.  The needles themselves are titanium, a hypoallergenic metal and therefore safe for all skin types.


Demands for derma rollers have been relatively hot in recent years, and the Google Trends image display below points to relative stablity. Even during the epidemic, demand for derma rollers have increased.

derma roller trends

The monthly search volume of derma roller is also very high.  Seaches rank as high as 123,000 worldwide.

derma roller data

On Amazon, the price to buy a derma roller is about $16.00.

derma roller amazon

The wholesale price of the same product in China is about 8 RMB($1.24) The profit is very substantial. However, most white label derma rollers are made of stainless steel. If you wish to use titanium for the roller, it must be customized and will result in a higher per item and MOQ cost.

derma roller wholesale

The length of the microneedle is divided into three different specifications: 0.2mm, 0.25mm and 0.3mm.  This variety provides consumers with different skin types choices, and choices lead to higher sales on average.


Although people do not often buy microneedle products, single derma rollers have a relatively large profit margin.  The overall market demand is relatively high, and the cost of advertising bidding is acceptable.  The logistics and transportation costs are relatively low. Sourcing Nova believe dermarollers are top selling items on Amazon for wholesale from China in 2021.


Facial cleansing brush

The electric facial cleaning brush uses different brush heads for a number of different purposes.  Each different head can remove makeup, remove dead skin, solve clogged pores and massage the face.  The massage brushes and functions improve skin elasticity and promote collagen production. Brushes with speed control options are ideal for people with different skin types, low speed for sensitive skin and high speed for normal skin.  What is not for a woman who cares about their look and skin would not love a product like this?


From Google Trends, we can see that demand has been relatively stable, and the roller has been more vigorous than usual during the epidemic.

facial cleansing brush trends

The global monthly search volume is 15,000, which means that demand for rollers is very strong.

facial cleansing brush data

On Amazon, a popular facial cleansing brush sells for about $23.00.

facial cleansing brush amazon

If such products are wholesaled in China, the cost price is about 17RMB ($2.64)

facial cleansing brush wholesale

Although the minimum order quantity for derma rollers is 500 pieces, the profit margin is still stellar. Taking into account strong demand, wide applicability, less prone to after-sales problems and relatively low logistics costs, Sourcing Nova thinks these are new product ideas worth importing from China in 2021.


Blackhead vacuum

Unlike the previous manual stainless steel blackhead removal tool, the electric blackhead removal vacuum is more convenient, quicker and painless to use. The micro vacuums use different suction heads to clean blackheads in a purely physical way.  The vacuums remove dirt and oil, reduce dead skin and fine lines, massage and tighten the skin. The USB rechargeable battery is easy to carry.  Customers can enjoy professional SPA skin care at home and travel. A blackhead vacuum is an ideal gift for family and friends.


Google Trends data shows that the demand for blackhead vacuums have been relatively stable in recent years.

blackhead vacuum trends

A hot-selling blackhead vacuum on Amazon sells for about $27.00.

blackhead vacuum amazon

The wholesale price of the same product in China is 65RMB ($10.11) Profit margins are not particularly high.

blackhead vacuum wholesale

Here is a good look at the marketing costs.

blackhead vacuum data

Google ads click cost is about $0.45.  The global monthly search volume also is 19,000, which is a relatively healthy number.


The profit margin of this product is at an average level, and the customer’s repeat purchase rate is also relatively low. Although its logistics costs are not high, Sourcing Nova believes that the blackhead vacuum market competition is saturated and may not bring high profit margins to new e-commerce sellers.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are quite a few excellent product options available to you in 2021 and beyond should you elect to open an e-commerce site or work as an Amazon affiliate.  Like many things, our list is certainly not all encompassing.  There are likely many more products that have all of the characteristics you want and are available for import from China.  Characteristics like: excellent profit margins, low CPC on Google ads, high search volume, easy logistics and transportation.


What products would you like to carry that Sourcing Nova can help you find, order and import?  We have many contacts across China and access to plenty of resources to help determine if the products have value.  Drop us a comment below!