From previous post, you know what to look for when buy a moka pot. Today we will talk about another interesting topic—how to wholesale moka pot from China.

Wholesale from China

The first thing to know about wholesale Moka pots is we are not referring to top end brands, like Bialetti, are available for bulk purchase at a lower cost to you.
Many well-known and established brands do not work in wholesale.  This means if you are looking for Bialetti moka pots specifically, it is not likely you will find them.  Instead, Sourcing Nova can find high-quality Moka pots that feature similar styles, exact function, similar materials and type of workmanship that is much better than many realize.

Why you should wholesale

This short answer: You want to turn a profit.  The longer answer, keep reading:

  1. People enjoy stove top espresso brewed in a Moka pot.  It was standard practice for many to visit a local coffee shop for their Moka fix.  Today’s virus outbreak means many remain at home, observe proper social distancing and recognize they need their own Moka pot for their own at home delicious cup of Moka.
  2. Now that you are working from home and have the extra free time without having to commute to and from work each day, there is precious time to sell Moka pots online.  What could be better than adding some extra income to help run the household?

Buy in bulk

Before the outbreak of the Covid-19, you can go to China to participate in the Canton Fair. From here you can find some suppliers of mocha pots. But now offline exhibitions have ceased operation, you can’t come to China anymore. You need a reliable business partner to help you find a high-quality factory to make high-quality Moka pots for you-SourcningNova is the partner you are looking for.


While Sourcing Nova understands you are ready to start buying your Moka pots wholesale and selling them, it is best to learn approximate prices for what is currently available.  This means looking not only at the current prices but also learning what your cost will be wholesale.

Start at the most common location – Amazon.

Where to Buy Moka Pot
Where to Buy Moka Pot

The basic aluminum alloy design, based on the original Alphonso Bialetti model, are around $35.00.

Aluminum is an inexpensive metal and has a low manufacturing cost.  Those who purchase aluminum Moka pots do so because of the brand and do not care about production costs of the aluminum models.  Sourcing Nova  can find manufacturers of the classic eight side aluminum moka pot.  Your product cost MOQ could be as low as $5.00 each.

You, on the other hand, want to be a bit more practical and attune to the manufacturing costs of raw materials.

Looking at well-made glass Moka pots, the current Amazon cost is around $60.00.

Buy Glass Moka Pot
Buy Glass Moka Pot

Pure stainless steel, made from food grade 18/8 or 18/10 steel, are around $40.00 to $50.00.

Buy Moka Coffee Pot Amazon
Buy Moka Coffee Pot Amazon

What did you learn?

The Moka pots sold on Amazon command a premium price and is not ideal for you.  You are looking to buy and make profits.  There is a silver lining in this dark cloud – Sourcing Nova can help you find quality Moka pots manufactured by some of the finest locations across China.

We have already taken the time to look for examples for you and posted them here on our site.

Sourcing Nova has already done the hard work for you.  We have established professional relationships with those factories.  You have a particular Moka pot in mind, and Sourcing Nova can have them made for you.

The standard Moka pots you see on Amazon and other places simply are not what you want.  Perhaps you want to change colors and materials to create a Moka pot more suited to your specific desires.

Best Inexpensive Moka Pot

Instead, you have an interest in a Moka pot you have a custom design already in mind.  Sourcing Nova can help you find a manufacturer to make your products.  Give us some samples of a Moka pot you want, and we can look which manufacturers can make them on your behalf.

Example of one we can source out:

Best Cheap Moka Pot

Best Cheap Moka Pot

Buy Stovetop Espresso Maker
Buy Stovetop Espresso Maker

Here is a quick secret we want to share: The vast number of Moka pots, regardless of the name, are made in China.  Only a very small number are still authentic Italian made.


Moka Pot Buy Online


Here is what you need to do for your own personal brand: Let Sourcing Nova know what your dream Moka pot looks like, and our highly experienced manufacturers will create your dream Moka pot.


buy stovetop espresso maker
buy stovetop espresso maker

You should still consider the aluminum and aluminum alloy models from Amazon.  Their price is over $30.00 with a production cost of anywhere between $5.00 to $10.00.  This can mean considerable profit margins, provided you are experienced with e-commerce and sales.

Other considerations

Most people consider their purchases based on two factors: the appearance and materials.  They do not pay attention to the accessories.  The accessories that can lead to negative reviews for your products.

Accessories like the gasket.

Many lesser quality Moka pots will use a cheaper, rubber gasket.  These are not food-grade and rot quickly.  Sourcing Nova will not accept this but will instead use food-grade silicone.  The second most common accessory where many factories cut corners for sake of profit is the safety valve.  The better valves are made in Italy – quality standards for the copper valves include air leak and pressure testing.

Wholesale directly – A poor choice

It is common for overseas buyers to look for their own wholesale manufactures in China on their own.  Their thoughts are to cut out the middleman, like Sourcing Nova and other distributors, will mean a better price and profit.

Reality says otherwise.  You, as an overseas buyer, are highly unlikely to find manufacturers for your Moka pots or much any other product.  This is because many Moka pots are not made by the larger manufacturers but the small to medium-sized with only workshop-style facilities.  They are not familiar with online marketing, have a website or a core of people fluent in English or other languages to assist non-Chinese.  The suppliers you will find are trading companies.  These companies only sell products and cannot help you with a personal brand like Sourcing Nova.

Sourcing Nova has no problems finding factories to make your Moka pots, but finding a reliable factory with products we trust to source does take time.

For example: Glass Moka pots and stainless steel pots are made in several different provinces in China.

visiting moka pot manufacturers
visiting moka pot manufacturers

For Sourcing Nova, it is not difficult to find a moka factory, but finding a reliable factory also costs a lot of time. Glass Moka pots and stainless steel Moka pots are produced in several places including Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province; Zhongshan City and Jieyang City, Guangdong Province.  These two provinces are in the east and south of China respectively, with a distance between them of 1,260km or 783 miles.  This is approximately the same distance from New York to Chicago.

Sourcing Nova had no real difficulty making this trip and back looking for appropriate factories for Moka pots.  Those coming from overseas will not be so fortunate.

Your plans may be to wholesale your Moka pots from China for resale on Amazon.  Sourcing Nova strongly recommends you find and read reviews left from previous customers and share vital information for the customer on how to use their Moka pot correctly using the product manual.  It is important in situations like this:

product similar to moka express
product similar to moka express

What you see in the image above is likely more common than you may think, particularly with aluminum alloy Moka pots.  These aluminum alloy Moka pots have plastic handles that melt easily if too close to the flame or electric eye.  The Bialetti aluminum Moka pot has this very issue.

moka pot handle burn

Rather than have a negative review because of a simple problem that is easily corrected, let the customer know ahead of time: When cooking with gas, do not turn the burner up too high.  Doing so will melt the handle.

Another thing to note about aluminum alloy Moka pots many do not know – they are not dishwasher safe.  This can make a difference to your customers.

So, Sourcing Nova still has not answered the main question.

The best available

Sourcing Nova’s opinion is the all stainless steel model Moka pot in 18/8 alloy construction.  It is the most versatile with different sizes for a variety of purposes.  The handle will not melt and being hollow, will not conduct heat and burn hands.

Stainless steel Moka pots are dishwasher safe and with a minimum amount of maintenance, will provide years of coffee pleasure for the customer.

The customer will, over time, need to replace the accessory parts – the filter and gasket.  Sourcing Nova will provide extras with your order.  You can also expect food grade stainless steel.  Some Moka pots will promise food-grade aluminum construction, but there is still the potential for aluminum toxicity.  The only advantage is the food-grade aluminum is less harmful than the cheaper aluminum models.

Elect to wholesale stainless steel stovetop espresso makers.  Doing so will reduce the chances of customer complaints and negative reviews to a minimum – a fact you are certainly interested in maintaining.

Here is an example of what we mean.  This Moka pot lacks a brand name and color box package.  It retails on Amazon for $40.00.  Your price with Sourcing Nova is $18.00 – a $22.00 profit on each item.  If you have a retail grocery business, this stainless steel Moka pot is the best you will find on the market.

sell stainless steel stovetop espresso maker
sell stainless steel stovetop espresso maker

If your own personal brand is your plan, we can plan an OEM, original equipment manufacturer, for you.  This can include your own full color box of your own design for an improved brand image and better content marketing.

Just so you know, the MOQ, minimum order quantity for a color box is normally 2,000 pcs.

Final Thoughts

Sourcing Nova is your reliable buying partner in China.  We can help you with inexpensive, non-brand moka pots or OEM factories for your own personalized brand from the best sources in China.  You can also expect the absolute finest in customer service from our team.  We have staff who are completely fluent in English to assist you.

What questions about Moka pots do you have that we have not answered?  Let us know in a comment below.  Sourcing Nova can also take your wholesale orders the same way.  Let us know what we can do for you.