Moka pots sourced from China through Sourcing Nova rival the finest moka pots from Italy in construction and quality. Continue reading to learn how easily you can wholesale order Moka pots for your new business.

Why aluminum at first

Since Alfonso Biatelli made the first moka pot out of aluminum in 1933, the octagonal aluminum moka pot seems to have become a timeless classic.

In the past 100 years, millions of aluminum Moka pots have made their way into the homes of countless coffee enthusiasts. The Moka pot represents a way of life and culture surrounding coffee and is one of the most revolutionary inventions for quality coffee consumption. Manufacturers of aluminum moka pots promote their product with emphasis on historical tradition.

aluminum stovetop espresso maker

Are aluminum moka pots safe?The original Moka pot was made from aluminum for good reasons: the metal is lightweight, shapes easily, is inexpensive and its fast heat conduction brews coffee in a very short time.  This is ideal since quickly brewed coffee lacks a bitter taste associated with over brewed coffees.

Since 1933, many advances have shown the use of aluminum is questionable.  There is only one way to be sure – we have to see it from a historical perspective.  Like all studies, we have to start with a question:

Why did Alfonso Bialetti elect aluminum over stainless steel for the first moka pot?

The team at Sourcing Nova decided to do some investigating into that particular question.  We learned stainless steel was not made until 1912 and used in large scale for tableware in 1935.  A full two years after Bialetti invented his stovetop espresso maker.  There are two theories as to why: 1. He was not aware of stainless steel; 2. He did not understand the potential health issues  aluminum could cause.

Aluminum and health

Extensive medical research points to a potential correlation between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease.  However, aluminum is so prevalent in our culture the metal cannot be 100 percent avoided.  In small quantities, aluminum cannot cause issues with health.  The body does pass aluminum, so it does not remain in the body long.

The tiny amounts of aluminum you may be exposed to when you use an aluminum Moka pot are not going to be any sort of a health issue.

Sourcing Nova is extremely careful when looking for Moka pots and other products.  We make certain the manufacturers have appropriate certifications and international certifications of general and food safety.

Continuous use

Many Moka pot manufacturers continue to use aluminum as a primary metal for construction.  This could be because of a deep respect for tradition, to tap into the natural properties of aluminum (quick heat conduction) or as a cost saving measure.  Sourcing Nova is hesitant to believe the last of these, or that these manufacturers refuse to believe aluminum is dangerous to health.

Sourcing Nova makes strong recommendations to abstain from aluminum moka pots as much as possible.  It is wiser and safer to use a stainless steel moka pot or glass moka pot for your coffee.  Those who find the slow heat conduction of stainless steel could use boiling water in the base rather than cold water.  Doing so reduces the time it takes for the coffee to brew – reducing the chances for bitter flavors in the finished coffee.

Stainless steel – The better choice

Sourcing Nova is aware the costs of stainless steel is more than that of aluminum.  Finding a well-made stainless steel moka pot at Amazon will average around $40.00, with the highest end models costing over $100.00.

Sourcing Nova can find you a well made, high quality stainless steel moka pot for a fraction of these costs.

Electric moka pots

Sourcing Nova in its research has learned some manufacturers are making electric moka pots.  The moka pot rests on a base that heats the unit in a manner similar to an electric kettle.  Electric moka pots have the advantage of not needing a stove, only an electrical source, making them ideal for small apartments and offices.

Cheap Electric Moka Pot
Cheap Electric Moka Pot

Manufacturers will not share with you the disadvantages that all electric moka pots share:

  • If the base breaks or ceases function, the Moka pot is useless – Sourcing Nova and others agree it is better to purchase a small portable electric stove.  This way you can make Moka pot coffee easily with any material – glass, ceramic and metal.  The mobile stove is also good for cooking other foods as well.
  • Electric moka pots contain plastic components – Plastic does not respond well to heat.  It creates a bad smell and ruins the coffee experience.


Here is our opinion on the best Moka pot for your money:

  1. Body is food-grade stainless steel.
  2. The base is food-grade stainless steel – magnetic, so appropriate for induction and gas stoves.

    Moka Stainless Steel Base
    Moka Stainless Steel Base
  3. Stainless steel works well on direct heat like a campfire.
  4. Stainless will not burn, break and will provide years of faithful service and delicious coffee.

Final thoughts

Sourcing Nova is your trusted China partner when it comes to sourcing Moka pots or any other fine product.  We offer some of the best options in the industry.  Now, we want to know from you.  What are some elements you feel are important in a Moka pot?  What are some products you would like Sourcing Nova to help you acquire for your business?  Let us know in a comment below.