It is a hope you have been following Sourcing Nova’s helpful guides on wigs.  It is important that your customers know all of the details they need to know when it comes to their new wig purchase.  This includes how to care for a wig, how to get tangles out and one of the most important things to learn – how to put on a wig correctly.

Again, being able to share this information with your customer base is important.  You want your customers to see you as an expert in wigs and wigs care.  This will have them coming back to you when it is time for a new wig or wig accessory, and you will be ready to help them with their next purchase.

Knowing how to put on a wig correctly is very important, particularly for first time wig customers.  Many of them likely think putting on a wig is as simple as placing it onto their head, brush it a small amount and be ready to go.

This is not the case with today’s advanced wig technology, and there is much more to how to wear a wig well than this.  The real hair and synthetic hair wigs available provide wearers with a look that is completely natural.   It is important to know how to look naturally when wearing the wig as well.

Here are Sourcing Nova’s steps to proper placement, adjustment and styling when it comes to putting on a wig.


Preparing the natural hair

A wig is worn over natural hair, but the natural hair has to be prepared in such a way that the wig will rest naturally on the head.  It is a good idea to have your customers practice at home a few times with the following steps on how to put on a wig.  This way the customer can become familiar with the best ways to pin their hair back, adjust the wig hair net and finally put the wig on.  This is very much trial and error, particularly with first time wig owners, and anytime a customer buys a new or different wig.  Letting them know to spend the extra few minutes practicing putting the wig on will make them more comfortable wearing a wig in public for the first time.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to preparing the natural hair for a wig – a wig hair net or no wig hair net.  Sourcing Nova has its own opinion.  It is a good idea to share both with your customers for them to make the best decision.


Advantages of a wig hair net

Wig hair nets are nylon mesh nets that cover the natural hair and rest the hair tightly against the scalp.  The hair nets keep the natural from breaking due to friction against the underside mesh of the wig.  The wig hair net is also ideal for wig users who have lost their natural hair as the net prevents the wig from moving during the day.


Disadvantages of a wig hair net

Wig hair nets can make the scalp uncomfortably hot, particularly on a hot day.  Some people find the wig hair net too tight to wear for extended periods, resulting in headaches.  In these cases, Sourcing Nova recommends a wig without a hair net.

Now that you can share this information with your customer on whether or not to wear a wig hair net over their natural hair.


Preparing short hair

Customers who have short hair should follow the following steps before putting on a wig hair net or the wig itself.

  • Step one – Pull the hair back, and brush lightly.
  • Step two – Pin the hair back in place.
  • Step three – Make certain the hair is evenly spaced and symmetrical.
  • Step four – Add a quick spray of hair spray if preferred.


Preparing long hair

People with long hair will need to take a few extra steps before putting on a wig or wig hair net.  The extra hair can give the wig an unnatural appearance because extra hair may bunch up and create lumps.  Those customers who have long hair should do the following:

  • Step one – Brush the hair back.
  • Step two – Keep the hair flat as possible.
  • Step three – Make certain the hair is evenly spaced and symmetrical.
  • Step four – Pin away from the face.


How to prepare long hair for a wig hair net and wig

Those customers who have long hair and need to braid their hair have a few options available to them.  Here are the recommendations you can make for them:

1. Make a large braid and wrap – this is not the method Sourcing Nova would recommend.  This method always leaves lumps of hair and uneven looks under the wig.

2. Stuff the hair under the hair net and knead – This is our preferred method as it will make the hair even and symmetrical across the entire head.  Pull the hair up and under the wig hair net.  Using gentle pressure, knead and massage the hair down across the entire scalp.  This will likely take some practice to get down completely, but it is possible with time.  It is a good suggestion to have the customer use wig clips to hold the wig hair net down.  More on these in a moment.


Preparing little or no hair

Customers with little to no hair, lost because of various reasons, should always wear a wig hair net for the best wig results.  A wig hair net, held in place with some wig clips, will hold the wig tightly next to the scalp and keep the wig from shifting throughout the day.


How to put on a wig hair net

Once the customer has their hair smoothed down closely to their head, it is time to slip the hair net onto their head.  It is a strong suggestion for the customer to find a wig hair net that closely matches their own skin color and to apply a light coating of powder to the hair net after placed on the head.


Things the customer should be made aware of when learning how to put on the hair net

It is important that the customer align the hairline to the front of the forehead and not too far forward.  This allows room to adjust the wig if necessary later on.

The purpose of the hair net is to be sure the hair and hair net do not gather and bunch up unnaturally, so the hair net and hairline at the forehead should overlap ever so slightly.  The customer will not have to concern themselves with future wear and an unnatural appearance of wearing a wig.

The hair is prepped; the hair net is nice and smooth.  It is time to put on the hair net.

Have your customers follow these steps in how to put on a wig hair net:

  • Step one – Put both hands into the hair net on either side.  Hands should be on the left and right side of the head.
  • Step two – Line the hair net up with the front hair line.
  • Step three – Place the hair net against the hair line, and stretch over the head to the nape of the neck.
  • Step four –The hair net will stretch over the ears – this is okay.  Pull the wig hair net up and over the ears.
  • Step five –Tuck any stray hairs in and under the wig hair net.
  • Step six – Check for stability.  The hair net should not move or wiggle at all.
  • Step seven – Use bobby pins to secure the wig hair net comfortably on the head.

Ensure the customer is comfortable with these steps before putting the wig on.  It is very important that the hair net be on straight, and the natural hair is pinned down well.  It is a strong recommendation to stop at this step and wait for about 15 minutes.  This way your customer can tell if the wig hair net is comfortable on their head and if there is any discomfort from the hair pins or wig clips on the natural hair.  It is better to learn this now than after wearing the wig and out in public.

There are times that wig hair nets and wigs can make the scalp itchy.  The customer is not likely to realize this until after the wig is worn for the first time.  There are scalp sprays available to help minimize itching.  Recommend your customer try the wig at least one time before purchasing any scalp spray.


Putting on the wig

Now that the customer has taken all of the necessary steps in preparing their natural hair, it is time toinstall the wig on the headfor the first time.  Sourcing Nova recommends informing your customers to take their time and never rush this.  Doing so can damage the wig hair net, the hair and frustrate the customer.  This is also why we recommend the customer practice how to install and weara wig several times at home before venturing into public with their new wig purchase.

  • Step one – Take hold of the wig with both hands, with one hand on either side of the label.  The label will be on the back of the wig, the nape, where the wig will rest on the back of the neck.
  • Step two – Tilt the head forward slightly.  The customer will be putting the wig on front to back.Some call this the frontal head install technique.
  • Step three – Place the front part of the wig just above the eyebrows.  Do not worry about how the wig will sit on the head at this point.  The customer will make necessary adjustments after the wig is completely on the head.
  • Step four – Pull the wig over the head, gently, making sure to cover the entire head.  Again, absolute perfect placement is not necessary at this point.  The customer is simply trying to get the wig on.
  • Step five – The wig will have two ear tabs on either side.  These tabs rest in front of the ear and is how the customer will center their wig.
  • Step six – Tuck any stray hair up under the wig with gentle pushes.  At this point, the wig should be comfortably placed on the top of the head.Have the customer check the fit in the mirror, and determine if this is how they want to wear the wig regularly.
  • Step seven – (Optional) – Using bobby pins or wig clips, clip the wig to the wig hair net or natural hair.  For the first time wig wearer, wig clips are strongly recommended until learning how well the wig will stay put throughout a given day.

At this point, the wig should be centered.  The customer should now go about some normal activities they would do.  Sourcing Nova would recommend going for a short drive just to be outside for a few minutes.  The purpose of doing this allows the customer to recognize if any adjustments to the wig circumference, the wig hair net and to determine if they would like to style their wig any differently.  It is much better to become accustomed on how to wear a wig this way before wearing the wig out and in public.  Particularly if the wig becomes uncomfortable or starts to itch.


How to put ona lace front wig

If the customer has selected a lace front wig, the steps are the same but with a few slight modifications to the process.  A lace front wig allows the customer to wear the wig away from the face slightly with a natural looking hairline showing.

A lace front wig will have a thin monofilament fabric across the front where the wig will meet the forehead.  This is very delicate material, so be sure the customer understands this and takes their time.  With a bit of practice, a customer will be able to have a lace front wig on and ready to go within two minutes time.

One thing about lace front wigs, and Sourcing Nova has more about this later on, is the lace front wig is best worn with lace front glue or tape along the edges of the wig.  Otherwise, the wig will slip and reveal the customer is wearing a wig.

This is one of the main reasons customers avoid lace front wigs as a general rule – the lace front glue or tape.

Here are the complete steps in how to put on a lace front wig.

  • Step one – Put on a wig hair net if so desired.  A wig hair net is recommended because of the look with a lace front wig.
  • Step two – Place the wig above the eyebrows, and pull across the head for the frontal wig install.
  • Step three – Adjust ear tabs as before.

At this point, the lace front wig should be centered on the head.

There are some wigs that recommend trimming the lace at the forehead.  Sourcing Nova strongly recommends either supply your customers with pre-cut lace front wigs or inform your customers to go to a stylist to have the wig lace front trimmed. However, if some customers are comfortable trimming the lace front themselves, give them the following additional steps:


How to cut a lace front wig

The customer will need to look in a mirror and trim the edges for a natural fit on the head.  It is very difficult to trim a wig well without damaging the fine front hairs or destroying the look of the wig completely.

  • Step one– The wig will be centered.  Check for fit, and tuck any stray hairs up and under the wig.
  • Step two – Clip the wig to the wig hair net or hair with bobby pins or clips.


Wig lace front glues and wig tapes

There are some wig manufacturers that will recommend using wig lace front glue and wig tape to secure the wig to the head and/or wig hair net.  Sourcing Nova does not recommend either for your customers.  However, if your customer feels this is the best solution, they should do the following before using glue or tape.

  • Step one – Apply a small amount of glue or piece of tape to the skin.  The customer needs to be certain they will not have allergic reactions to the glue or tape.
  • Step two – If the skin is not reactive and causing an allergic reaction, the customer is ready to use lace front glue or wig tape.
  • Step three – Wig glue and wig tape is very strong and will not come off easily.  A special remover will be necessary.

If the customer has elected to use lace front glue or tape, they need to add the following steps to putting on their wig.

  • Step one – After putting hair back and/or putting on a wig hair net, clean the skin with a skin cleaner.
  • Step two – Cut the wig tape into strips of about three inches.  Wig tape is two sided, but only press one side onto the wig.  The tape has to sit against the skin to work correctly, so apply pieces of the wig tape to all parts of the wig netting.
  • Step three – Do a trial run putting the wig on.  Leave the wig tape covered for this step.  Make sure the wig will rest comfortably and naturally on the head.
  • Step four – Remove the wig carefully.  Peel off the protective layers of wig tape.  Place the wig back onto the head in the normal way.
  • Step five – Press the wig tape gently but firmly.  The wig will not move at this point.

If the customer has elected to use glue, the steps are the same except with glue and not tape.


How to remove wig tape or wig glue

Wig tape and wig glue is extremely adhesive.  Both are designed to hold a wig in place for a good long while.  There are some wig tapes and glues that are waterproof for those who wish to swim while wearing their wigs.  It is very important the customer know this before trying to remove a wig.

Removing wig tape or glue is a very simple process but does require time and patience to do correctly.  The customer will need a cotton swap and rubbing alcohol to remove their wig.  Some wig glues and tapes will have their own removal solution, and it is recommended the customer use these products instead of alcohol.

  • Step one – Dip the cotton swab into the rubbing alcohol or removal solution.
  • Step two – Lift a small portion of the wig where it is not taped up to the taped portion.
  • Step three – Gently rub the cotton swab against the tape or glue, pushing slightly to release.
  • Step four – Repeat across entire wig.

Once the wig is removed, the customer can remove any remaining adhesive from their head with a cotton swab or ball dipped in alcohol or the removal solution.  They may do the same to remove the tape and/or residual glue.


Final thoughts

Do you have a different idea on how to put on a wig, or perhaps a preferred wig tape or glue?  What particular wigs would you like to carry in your store?  We at Sourcing Nova would love to hear from you.  Drop us a comment below.