The rise of the Internet and global shipping has eased the ability for companies to source and import goods. Sourcing Nova is ready to help your growing business with high-quality Chinese products.  Keep reading to learn how Sourcing Nova can be your sourcing agent in China.

For a fee as low as four percent of the order value on average, Sourcing Nova provides product inspection, follow up, supply qualification, validation and fulfillment services. In essence, we are your professional sourcing agent in China and your partner in the global trade network.

How to use a sourcing agent in China

Here is how Sourcing Nova sourcing services work, step by step:

  1. Request – You file a request with Sourcing Nova for the specific products you wish to import to your home country. We can accept images, sizes, reference links and other details. The more details you provide to us about your products you wish to import, the better. Send all requests to


  1. Quote – Sourcing Nova send a reply within 48 business hours not counting weekends and holidays. We provide you with different prices and manufacturers on your specific products for your consideration. We find the best deals for your money and profit margin.


  1. Price confirmation and sample – Once you review the price list on the products you wish to import, you may opt for a sample of those products before you begin importing. Sourcing Nova sends you a representative product at the cost of the postage and any fees associated with your choice.


  1. Order – A deposit of 30 percent of the order value is due before Sourcing Nova can process your order. We forward the order to the factories upon receipt of payment, make arrangements and monitor the process on your behalf.


  1. Inspection – A third party inspection firm can review your product order on request. Sourcing Nova offers this service on your behalf with samples and photographs of the finished products. We provide you with packaging and labels for confirmation before shipping.


  1. Balance due – The remainder of the invoice is due once you are happy with the products. Send the money to your Chinese sourcing agent. Sourcing Nova pays the factory non your behalf.


  1. Shipping – The customs declaration, shipping arrangements via ocean, air or train are 100 percent the responsibility of your Chinese sourcing agent partner. The products will arrive at your predetermined location in short order.

Are you looking to source products from China? Do you need eyes and ears looking out for you and your business overseas? Sourcing Nova can do this for you and much more. Let us know how we can help you with product sourcing.